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PrimeCore Group is a global commercial collection agency headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since 2005 our executive team has been helping clients nationwide handle their past due account receivable issues. We are experts in collecting money and resolving disputes. We focus strictly on commercial debts so we don’t get overwhelmed with thousands of small retail accounts. We concentrate on business to business debt only. Commercial collection is always more complex than retail collection and we excel at handling that complexity. While other firms try to do it all, PrimeCore will only focus on what we do best.


PrimeCore Group understands that commercial collections need more than just a letter and a call to get your money recovered. You won’t hear our staff using a canned script with a debtor. We have experienced collectors that analyze the debt and pick the correct approach to get you paid. Skilled collectors know that no two debtors are the same and they must be able to quickly adapt to the most effective approach suited to the debtor. When the right approach is implemented immediately, the results are staggering. Our collection staff has the training and experience to deal with possible mediation and settlement negotiations that are often part of commercial collections. All collectors have ongoing, cutting edge training that gives our clients higher yields than they ever thought possible.


Management staff members are always on hand to make sure additional assistance is available and the highest standards are sustained. Our managers have worked in the trenches and they know how to help our collectors if needed. There is always oversight by management on your accounts.

Like you, we know every customer is valuable. We strive to keep all of our customers and we work hard to keep yours as well. Even if your customer has become a slow or no pay account, you may still want to do business with them. We will do our best to recover what is owed while maintaining a professional approach that helps maintain your relationship to your customers and make them more responsive when they pay you in the future.

If you are looking for a professional firm to help you improve your bottom line, let us become part of your team. We will work with you and keep you well informed along the way. PrimeCore Group would be proud to put our staff to work for you today.